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    Fun, down-to-earth, and straightforward. Rob and Darren help you move through your divorce efficiently, without losing your mind or your wallet.


    Rob and Darren have been friends since law school. They both exclusively practice as family lawyers, with over a decade of experience.


    Rob is based in Calgary, Alberta.

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    Darren is based in the North Okanagan, BC.

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    Many people going through a divorce or separation will "google" law firms in their area to see if they can find a family lawyer to assist them. They will find many law firms describing themselves as being a "boutique" family law firm. Or, they will see law firms saying they offer services "tailored for your unique case."


    This may sound appealing. But 80% of all separating couples don't need boutique, unique, or tailored. They just want this all behind them.


    The Divorced and Done Steps help simplify getting divorced and separated into a process. If you follow a process, nothing is unique. You never have to ask "what do we do next?" because the answer is, "move to the next step." You can get Divorced and Done!

    So, here's the STEPS to being divorced and done. No jumping steps. No skirting the process. Simple.

    1) Living separate and apart and ensuring everyone is safe;

    2) Arranging parenting time and parental decision making for any minor children of the relationship;

    3) Determining child support for any minor children of the relationship;

    4) Dividing family property and debts;

    5) Addressing any possible claims to spousal support; and

    6) Getting a divorce judgment (if the couple is married) or a final order / agreement if the couple is unmarried.


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